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Asbestos & roof removal in Caboolture

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Asbestos is a dangerous material that exists in many older homes, although when left undisturbed it is virtually harmless. Breathing in asbestos has however been linked to health problems. If you believe asbestos is present anywhere in your current property, it is important to have trained professionals come and remove it.
At Suncity Roofing & Supplies, we hire only the best and most qualified teams of fully licensed asbestos removers to take care of the job and leave you with a clean, new roof. From detecting the problem to properly cleaning it up, we are your go-to roof removal experts in and around Caboolture.
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Why remove asbestos

Taking care of asbestos in your home makes sense, especially when you want to repair or remove your existing roof. We provide a safe removal process for contaminated materials. All asbestos is transported to an authorised waste dump before we begin installing your new roof.
Do not work on an older home until you have it tested for asbestos. Until the late 1980s, this dangerous material was used in virtually every aspect of home building. When disturbed, it can cause health problems. Please contact us so we can come and check for asbestos in your home.
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