Re-Roofs & Re-Gutters

Re-roofing & re-guttering in Caboolture, North Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

Installing your new roofing & guttering

If you have lived a long time in Australia, you know that weather conditions can sometimes be harsh. This is why building a proper home is important. Over time, even the best roofs and gutters need to be replaced, which is why we have been helping people in and around Caboolture with their homes and buildings for over 20 years.
There are several options available to you when you choose to get your new gutters installed by Suncity Roofing & Supplies. From colour to material, and everything in between, we have what you are looking for. We can match your home’s current style or update the whole thing to something more modern. Simply give us a call to get started today.

What does installing a new roof take?

Installing a new roof is easy to understand, but can be complicated to accomplish without the proper know-how. Luckily, we have been doing this for over two decades. Our team of expert builders knows how to remove your old roof and replace it with a safe and secure new one. The only thing you need to worry about is what colour and material you like.

What we can do for you

Once you give us a call and set up a time for us to come and visit, we will do an onsite inspection to see what needs to be done for your current roof. We will create a detailed plan on how we will accomplish installing your new roof.

As part of our overall plan, we may recommend keeping part of your old roof, which will save you money and time, so that we can address the more serious issues. Depending on the situation, an entire roof replacement may be required. Give us a call now to get started.


New roofs you can count on

Australia is known for its harsh weather conditions, which means having a well-constructed roof is extremely important to your family’s safety. As time goes on, roofs need to be maintained and eventually replaced. Having a new roof installed may seem like an extreme step, but it is not as daunting as it sounds. At Suncity Roofing & Supplies, we make it easy to get the roof you need without putting your life on hold.
— We are a family owned company —

Professional licensed repairman

Hiring a professional licensed builder to repair your broken or damaged gutter is important if you want your guttering to last a long time. At Suncity Roofing & Supplies, we employ experienced tradesmen who can handle all of your re-roofing and re-guttering needs. No matter what style of guttering or roofing you are looking for, we have it at Suncity Roofing & Supplies.
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